Our company has many years of experience in the trade and export of grains. This year We launched a new line for cleaning, calibration, packing of all kinds of seeds – legumes, cereals and spices (Sesame, Quinoa, Amaranth and others).

The factory has a capacity for over 200 tons a day. The quality of the product obtained is 99.9% pure with the possibility of separating 5 fractions according to the size of the grain.

Packaging is available in packages from 5kg to 1000kg as well as filling of bulk containers. The competitive advantages are ensured by robust investment in advanced processing technologies and equipment (scraping and calibrating machines, stone cutting machines, triarids, gravity separators and the latest generation photo-sorter) offering high quality product in large quantities.

The line is built with a detached part for decontamination of seed for seed with a capacity of over 25 t / h, where it is possible to inlay several preparations simultaneously without mixing.
The line also has seed drying, where seed moisture is reached to maintain the seed quality.

The factory is conveniently located less than 20km from the Port of Varna, where the bulk exports to bulk cargoes and containers are made.
Near the factory, GSI silos have been built to store 8,000 tons of grain and warehouses to store another 5,000 tons of production.
The company carries out its business by purchasing grain-producing and selling to exporting or processing companies.

A distillery for essential oils is under construction, which will provide its own production of lavender and other oil-etheric crops.
Our policy of producing quality and being fair with our partners has created an excellent reputation among all our colleagues as well as among our partners, buyers and exporters of cereals.